Remember the proposal to put a public high school into the Perth CBD? Well, now the McGowan Government is bringing the CBD to - not one, but two - high schools with it's plans putting high rise buildings into the Subi East Project.

Despite overwhelming submissions to Development WA objecting to high rise in Subi East, it's blundering ahead with these plans.

The community has a petition here with its objections to the blunding - please sign in support of retaining recreation space and ask your neighbours, then tell your local member, Ministers and Premier that you object.


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We call on Minister Saffioti and the State Government to review and reverse the poor planning decisions made in the Subi East redevelopment.


The Departmental receommendation of 6.5 m2 per person is halved with the additional 6000 people due to call SubiEast home. Flat dwellers get great views of the Oval and school but get no real access to playing fields.

The Master Plan halves the opportunity for Subiaco and surrounds' kids to play sport on home grounds.

The late morning shadows to the left of the towers would instead extend halfway across the Oval at 3 to 4 in the afternoon for most of the year.

What does this look like from the Oval/ground level? Using the Master Plan for locations we put in buildings of the proposed heights here.

The priceless nearly 140 year old reserve that many former Premiers, community leaders and the community advocated for must be preserved. The land grab of this reserve for high rise flats must be stopped. Why?

- It is against the community and council plans and decisions of the provision of a minimum 1.73ha of active green playing fields in addition to Subi Oval.

- Development WA and the Minister have failed to heed the huge volume of calls, submissions and survey results which asked for the preservation of the reserve as playing fields.

- The current plan fails to provide for the physical and mental health of the community and does not meet Department recommended guidelines of 6.5m2 per resident of active playing fields or sport space for denser developments. A shared School/WAFC Subi Oval will have limited access for the general community and the 6,000s who will call Subi East home.

- It will exacerbate a significant shortfall in active green playing fields already identified in the City of Subiaco at 2016 population levels. Using 2036 population forecast figures a severe undersupply of playing fields of 50% or more is predicted.

- More children will be turned away from their chosen sport. Rosalie Park is already at capacity and is over utilised.

- Heritage aspects are not respected including the Sandover Medal walk and existing heritage buildings.


- It will be a WA First to place high rise flats and buildings at the edge of a school oval as the Minister confirms. There are two public schools within close proximity that will be affected. Many believe staff and student safety, security, privacy and wellbeing will be compromised. Maybe policing parent-photographers is easy using staff. How does one police a telephoto lensed camera?

- Future traffic congestion is also considered a major issue and the safe passage of students must be addressed via new underpasses, overpasses or other options at a number of locations.

It is totally unnecessary to locate high rise on a reserve or on the edges of school ovals and/or buildings in Subi East. All the Minister's infill requirements can be meet within the Subi East redevelopment area. For example via building over the rail reserves or increasing density on a landmark gateway development on the corner of Hay and Thomas streets closer to the Perth CBD and West Perth.

Will your reserve be next? Will your school oval be threatened by high rise on each of their edges?

Help to make your voice heard by following our Facebook page (link below), contributing to our fighting fund and/or writing to your local MP, Minister Saffioti, Minister Ellery, The Premier and/or letters to the Editor. We want to raise awareness of this unhealthy and unsustainable dud-deal.

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Authorised by Paul Clements, Convenor, Subi East Campaign Group, Barker Road, Subiaco.